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Tips for Getting Your Child Ready for a Long Day Care Centre

Often parents, when leaving their child in childcare for the first time will have a mixture of feelings including guilt and anxiety. Rest assured that you are not alone, all parents and children react differently to new situations and taking the massive step of putting your child into childcare is highly emotional for you.
To make the process as easy and painless as possible, we have put together a few tips.

Preparation is Key

Early learning centres are social environments, and this can be overwhelming for children who aren’t used to socialising with other children and educators. It’s important to get your child used to social environments before leaving them at the centre.
One of the best ways to reduce your child’s anxiety is by getting them familiar with the centre and their carers. To facilitate this, we provide tailored orientation, where your child will spend time at the centre and get used to the educators, activities, and facilities.
Another great way to make your child feel more comfortable with the idea of going to the centre is by reading or telling them stories about it. You could try picture books about starting child care or making new friends (ask your local library for some suggestions). Alternatively, you can make up stories to share with your child about the experience. Make sure that you focus on the positives of attending care, like making new friends with both their educators and other children, and playing fun games.

Positivity is Key

Your positivity towards your child’s first day at Bonny Babes Child Care Centres will be a major influence on your child’s first day. Focus on the positives, including playtime, friends and fun activities and not on the negatives like how much you will miss your child.

Give Your Child a Comfort Item

We encourage children to bring a familiar item from home to make the transition more comfortable for them. This item can be a sheet, comforter, special toy or something that reminds them of you. Although there is plenty of fun and educational equipment for children to play with at the centre, holding onto something familiar, reassures your child you will be back for them and gives them something positive to focus on when they feel anxious.

Don’t Linger

Goodbyes are never easy for either parents or children, which is why the process should be caring and loving, but quick. Your child needs to understand that you are leaving for work, but you will be back to take them home later in the day. Never sneak away without saying goodbye, it may be easier for you, but it is harder for your child. For the first few days, it might be beneficial to settle your child into an activity before you say goodbye.

Be Consistent With Your Times

Maintaining a consistent routine when dropping and picking up your child helps them settle into their new schedule, by giving them a sense of security.
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