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Bonny Babes Coomera

Bonny Babes Coomera was founded in 2007, we are a centre comprised of 10 rooms ranging from 6 weeks through to 5 years. We pride ourselves on having a team that is passionate and believes that their partnerships with families are one of the most fundamental ingredients to being a fulfilled childcare experience.

We deliver the Government Approved National Kindergarten Program for children in their pre-prep year and a Bachelor trained Teacher is on site to develop children to their full and ensure school readiness. We offer a range of activities from dancing, soccer, gardening, sport and more!

Bonny Babes Coomera has embedded the positive living skills program into each room daily. This program forms the foundation for ensuring all children within our service are exposed to practical and positive social and emotional skills that encourage a strong sense of well-being.

We are a centre who excels in creating an environment that feels like home, our goal is for our families to feel a sense of belonging and are at ease in knowing we are loving, caring and teaching your children to ensure the best possible start in life. Our daily curriculum is supported by the Early Years Learning Framework and all of our Educators are qualified and confident with intentional teaching strategies.

We aim to create a centre of excellence ensuring strong relationships and lots of ‘learning through play.’

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16 Yaun Street, Coomera, Qld 4209
Phone (07) 5519 9722

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