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Learning Through Kindy

Early learning at kindy

As kids grow, they are learning through every experience. Talking and playing with families in their first years allows little ones to start learning at home, and kindy programs help them to get ready for school.
At kindy, qualified early childhood educators know many ways to create fun and safe environments for kids to explore, create, learn and solve problems. This helps little ones get ready for school and helps them to learn at a young age, while their brain is developing.
Early childhood educators will talk to kids about what is happening, what they can try and what things mean. They get kids involved in games where they will learn new skills or information, and work with them if they are struggling.

Learning through play

Kindy lets kids learn through playtime. This means children can try out ideas to understand how things work together. It might be games where they have to follow rules, work as a team to solve a problem, or just time to explore outside and ask questions.
During the kindy day, children will play both outdoors (in the sandpit and exploring the garden) and indoors (cooking and arts) and will take part in group activities like story time and singing as well as lunch and rest time.
Early childhood educators are there to support kids as they learn to keep them on the right track and make sure they are safe.
When kids suggest ideas and take part in new experiences, they learn self-confidence. When they play with others they learn how to be a team player, understand emotions and resolve conflicts. Exploring outside and playing lets kids be curious, which can create a love of learning. Little ones who have the chance to learn these skills and more through kindy can have a better start to school.
Find out more about how and when to enrol your child here.