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Sister hood

Bonny Babes Sister hood

Bonny Babes Sister hood was founded following the death of one of our passionate and respected directors

Miss Nola had worked for Bonny Babes In the role of a lead educator in the baby’s room and then moved to a director’s position. She worked at Bonny Babes for 9 years.

Unfortunately Nola passed away from cancer in 2012. As a centre we wanted to not only remember the amazing person she was, but we felt the need to give back to the community.

We wanted our children to learn to acknowledge people in the community who were sick or who had other needs. The sister hood was then set up. The children decorate paper bags and the families of all three Bonny Babes centres donate goodies to fill the bags. These are then delivered to the oncology unit at the Gold Coast Hospital.

The delivery is four times a year we start with Christmas, Easter Mother’s day and Father’s day. The bags have been so well received and we often receive notes of thanks from recipients of the bags.

“if one woman can change her world imagine what one company of woman can do, let us be our sisters keeper”(Bobby Houston.)