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Bonny Babes Christian Childcare Centres

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77 Crescent Ave, Hope Island, Qld 4212

Phone: 5530 8540

Email: [email protected]

16 Yaun Street, Coomera, Qld 4209

Phone: 5519 9722

Email: [email protected]

1 Ruth Terrace, Oxenford Qld 4209

Phone: 5519 3300

Email: [email protected]

Government Approved Kindergarten

Bonny Babes offers a Government Approved quality kindergarten program and believes that this is the foundation of early childhood education. Our Kindergarten program is delivered by our experienced Bachelor qualified kindergarten teachers and carters to each individual child’s learning journey.

Bonny Babes adopts a stimulating play-based approach to our curriculum delivery, encouraging children to explore, be creative, and use their imaginations. We strive to foster a life-long love of learning in your child, whilst preparing them for a successful transition to a formal schooling environment.

Our kindergarten program in the year prior to attending prep. Subsides are available for eligible families, please contact us to find out more.

Our Directors

Bonny Babes is fortunate to have three highly experienced, long-term Directors at each of our three centres. Our Directors all share a passion for the early years and invite you to visit their centres and meet their exceptional team of educators.

Hope Island is the foundation centre of the Bonny Babes family. It has been open for over 20 years and is known for it's well-established culture. Hope Island is slightly smaller than our other two centres, with 7 rooms, one being our Government Approved kindergarten classroom. We have many long-term staff and our consistent educators are experts at building strong relationships with children. Hope Island is a Sun Smart centre and our playgrounds take advantage of natural shade, from our beautiful, big trees.

Bonny Babes Coomera opened in 2007 and is a well-established centre, known for it’s National Quality Standard of Exceeding in all areas. Our 10 large classrooms all have adjoining outdoor verandah areas and spacious, natural outdoor environments. In the heart of our centre is a large indoor playground, where the children not only engage in social play, but also enjoy a variety of shows throughout the year. Our long-serving Educators come with a wealth of knowledge and are made up of many cultural backgrounds. They are experts at building trusting and lasting relationships, with not only the children, but our families too.

Our Oxenford centre opened in 2011 and is the most recent addition to our Bonny Babes family. We have 10 classrooms, with an impressive, multi-purpose undercover play space. Our outdoor environments showcase a variety of fruit trees and there is a large area of natural grass. Our “Pirate Yard” is extremely popular and includes a Pirate Ship, which is also a water play feature in warmer weather. We have a Government Approved Kindergarten Program, which is delivered by our amazing fully-qualified Bachelor trained Teacher. We work closely with Oxenford State School and other local schools, to ensure that our children are well prepared for their transition to Prep.

Bonny Babes has extra curricular activities for children to engage in each day, Including SIBA Soccer, Tennis 4 Kids, Gullivers Swimming Lessons and Funky Feet Dance.

Bonny Babes provides fresh, nutritious, homestyle meals each day. We use high-quality, fresh ingredients and a broad range of flavours and textures to create meals that meet – and often exceed – the latest nutritional guidelines for children in care.

In addition to daily meals, Bonny Babes provides nappies, wipes and sunscreen daily for the children in our care. Bonny Babes also provides regular incursions and shows that are covered by your daily fee.

Our Educational Leader

At Bonny Babes our team of staff and educators are dedicated to delivering the highest quality early learning to all children who attend our service. As Educational Leader I lead my teams to deliver the most desirable outcome for children. Our aim is to guide our educators in maximising learning, development and wellbeing outcomes for children. We encourage continuous improvement and change, as we foster professional values and promote a positive workplace culture that encourages collaborative and reflective learning.