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The Abecedarian Approach

The Abecedarian Approach is one of the few evidence-based, proven programs that integrates basic principles of human learning and development into a fun and effective approach to early childhood education.

The Abecedarian Approach, places a priority on children’s language acquisition, because research shows that language is key to children’s early learning and school readiness. Language allows children to organise their thoughts and explain their ideas; it gives them the means to express their feelings; and the tools they need to interact with peers and adults in order to make connections with those around them.

Language also allows children to use private speech, talking aloud to themselves to work through a problem or regulate their emotions. As our children get older, they internalise this speech so that it is no longer out loud but still a means of guiding their behavior and navigating the world around them.

The Abecedarian approach focuses on developing frequent and intentional adult-child interaction, usually one-on-one, for children from birth to age 5. Research on the Abecedarian approach shows that it builds skills early on that last across the lifespan, emphasising the benefits of children learning in active, engaged, constructive, and interactive environments.

The four key elements of the Abecedarian Approach are the use of:

These techniques support children to create bonds and attachment with adults from ages 0-1, feel secure and know they’re supported when exploring the world from ages 1-3, and use play to explore from ages 3-5. The tools also support healthy emotional, social, and cognitive development in children.

Each of the elements of the Abecedarian Approach have been aligned with contemporary Australian Early Childhood policy, including The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standards (NQS)

Bonny Babes Childcare Centres are committed to train each and every one of our early childhood educators and teachers in Abecedarian techniques. In turn, these educators are able to teach parents and carers Abecedarian games and techniques that they can use in their own homes. With our commitment to maintain an accredited Abecedarian Approach in each Centre, the children that attend our Centres are set to benefit for many years to come.

Parents and the Abecedarian Approach

We provide the opportunity for parents to observe the Abecedarian Approach in action in the Centre at any time. We have an open door policy and encourage parents to participate in the daily activities in the Centre. All of our educators are available to help parents practice the Abecedarian Approach with their child.

There are a number of useful resources included below to help parents to implement the Approach in their own homes. The more parents use this Approach at home the greater the benefit for their child and their development.