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Children share Mother’s Day cheer with oncology patients

The children at the Bonny Babes Childcare Centres in Coomera, Oxenford and Hope Island have been busy decorating goodie bags to deliver to oncology patients at The Gold Coast Hospital for Mother’s Day.
Bonny Babes Owner Bonnie Fraser said that they began The Sisterhood Charity after losing beloved Centre Director Nola Bailey to lung cancer in 2012.
“She had been with me for over ten years, and we decided we couldn’t just let it go, so we set up a charity called The Sisterhood,” Bonnie said.
“Our charity provides goody bags to the oncology unit at the Gold Coast Hospital for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and Easter.”
Bonnie said that the gesture has been very well received.
“We have had wonderful feedback from the community,” said Bonnie.
“I had a woman come to me and say that she had been a recipient of a bag, and that it made her feel so happy and had brightened her day.
“It was amazing to hear that, and we get it all the time. To know that someone else is thinking about them is so valuable to people,” she said.
The children at Bonny Babes love to be involved in making the bags, with each child decorating a bag with their name and age.
“We wear orange shirts to deliver the bags, because that was Nola’s favourite colour,” Bonnie said.
“The kids love making and decorating the bags and it’s very meaningful to the oncology patients.”
The bags include things like toothbrushes, games and treats, which are donated by parents or purchased with money from fundraising activities at the centres.
Bonny Babes are committed to fostering children’s cultural, spiritual and emotional needs to ensure future success. Please contact Bonny Babes to donate to The Sisterhood or to find out more.

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